At Procureology, the foundation of our story lies in the dedication and ambition of the Director, Alicia. With extensive experience in Procurement and Supply Chain across a variety of sectors, Alicia has cultivated meaningful connections with key suppliers over the years. Throughout her career, she noticed a common issue among many organisations: they were not receiving optimal value from their procurement and purchasing practices.

Determined to help, Alicia set out to create a service that would bring added value to the sourcing efforts of these businesses. She recognised the importance of building strong, lasting relationships between suppliers and businesses and was eager to use her expertise to facilitate these connections.

With this mission in mind, Alicia founded Procureology, a company dedicated to streamlining procurement.

Procureology are thrilled to be partnering with an industry leader and well respected General Counsel, Andrew Jaworski from First Port Legal.

At Procureology, we believe that procurement can be a valuable tool for organisations of all sizes, and we're dedicated to making it easy for you. With our slogan "Purchasing Made Easy", we're always striving to simplify the purchasing process and help our clients achieve their goals. Join us on our journey to make procurement a success for your business.

Our Story

Alicia Vivarini, Procurement Consultant

A professional with more than 20 years experience in Procurement and Supply Chain, Alicia has worked across many industries and large international corporations including L'Oreal, Schweppes, McCain Foods, NAB and Cabrini Health.

Alicia wanted to ensure all businesses, big or small, could benefit from the knowledge and skillset that a procurement professionals had to offer.

By consistently delivering valuable commercial insights, she propels the development of procurement strategies and cultivates mutually beneficial partnerships across divers business units. Her effective collaboration and communication skills resonate seamlessly at all organisational levels, yielding consistent and meaningful outcomes.