At Procureology, we offer a comprehensive range of procurement services to meet the unique needs of your business. We do this by providing a tailored solution to your needs, that delivers added value and cost-effectiveness to your organisation.

Risk Management

With an understanding of your businesses risk appetite and with the support of legal counsel, we can review and provide recommendations for all contracts and non-contracted spend.

Spend Analytics

Through data-driven insights, we can identify areas for cost improvement and waste reduction.

Sourcing and Tendering

We can assist you in the sourcing and tendering process, including the preparation and evaluation of tenders and the award of contracts.

Contract Negotiation

We will negotiate contracts on your behalf with the framework developed in conjunction with your company's needs and expectations.

Category Management

Optimise your spending in key categories and provide category-specific insights and recommendations.

Supplier Management

Our team can help you establish, strengthen and maintain positive relationships with your suppliers.